Lincoln Crowne & Company: Providing Corporate Solutions
December 19, 2021
Lincoln Crowne & Company is not a newcomer to the industry of business solutions and corporate strategic development. They provide high quality business solutions with the aim of maximising shareholder value for their corporate clients. It is not typical for corporate clients to engage their firm for a mergers and acquisitions service, it is rather more common for those clients to seek out Lincoln Crowne & Company because they knows that the company can achieve a certain outcome for them.

The approach that Lincoln Crowne & Company takes to their work is first and foremost tenacious—they work hard and they deliver dynamic solutions to even the most challenging problems and transactional opportunities. Giving their clients the best possible shareholder value is the central aim of what Lincoln Crowne & Company does.

Lincoln Crowne & Company was founded in Sydney, Australia. It was established by businessman and entrepreneur Nicholas Assef, who saw a need for an independent boutique investment bank and strategy corporate advisory firm. This company has operations in both Sydney and Hong Kong, along with affiliate branches all over the world, including in Boston, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Vietnam. The company's global reach has resulted from the respect it gets due to high quality services. Their adherence to their core principles has also allowed them to be as successful as they are. The firm exists to deliver deal making experience to its clients, as well as providing sound commercial and financial judgment, innovative thinking, and clear independent advice.
June 19, 2021
Nicholas Assef is well aware that clients don't hire a firm like his just for basic investment services; they have a desired outcome in mind and they want someone special to handle it. That he founded Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, a very prominent investment firm, where he also serves as Executive Director and Senior Analyst.

Nicholas Assef uses an approach to investment and business advice that is often described as "tenacious." It is also why Lincoln Crowne's core principles reflect his core principles, in which his firm uses innovative thinking and deep commercial & financial judgment to give clients clear independent advice. He does that based on his belief that his purpose is to provide clients not only with deal making expertise, but also the wisdom to see what may happen somewhere down the line.

He has come to this philosophy over than 25 years of developing an extensive body of work experience, in the corporate world, the legal profession and even in the academic field. And that experience is what gives his clients an edge.
September 22, 2018
Over the years, Nick Assef has compiled a fine team of professionals at his firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company. Everyone who works with him is aware that clients choose Nick or his firm because they want more than simple investment advisory services. They want the best negotiators on their side and peerless investment services. Their clients always have a desired outcome in mind and they know Nick Assef and his people will work hard to make that happen.

Nick Assef believes his purpose is to provide clients with the deal-making expertise they need for the short term, in addition to the wisdom and knowledge to know what may happen somewhere down the line. In his long 25-year career, Nick has carefully crafted a basic business philosophy that works for every client. He has participated in many negotiations and developed a strong reputation as an innovator. His experience as a negotiator combines with his significant experience as a legal professional and his academic background to provide him with a different perspective than most others in his field.
March 29, 2018
One thing you can say about Nicholas Assef is that he has been extremely successful in meeting his firm’s mission, which is to give the best investment advice and to make negotiations successful. As the Executive Director and Senior Analyst for the firm he started years ago, Lincoln Crowne and Company, he likes to use all the skills he has developed throughout his long career in every negotiation. Nick Assef has mastered the landscape in many financial areas, in part because he has completed so many complex transactions on behalf of himself and a wide range of clientele, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and virtually every type of complex transaction imaginable.  He will do anything to make his clients very happy.

Back when Nicholas Assef established Lincoln Crowne and Company, it was with the intention of creating an investment advisory firm that was an acknowledged leader in that space. While they specialize in the Australian and South East Asian markets, they have completed deal everywhere else in the world, as well. The arc of Nick’s 25-year career has featured varied experience and he has been very successful with most of it. He has proven himself to be among of the most effective negotiators and investment advisors anywhere in the world, not just in his specialized market.